CrossFit Games Open – Workout 3

Now things are getting interesting! We are 3 weeks into the CrossFit Games Open for 2012 and have seen 3 very different workouts, what this has allowed is for specialists to shine on given weeks. However what we are now seeing is the activity of athletes with consistency across a number of different disciplines, these are the rounded athletes and the athletes that will go further in this competition that scrutinizes the specialist.
Workout 12.3 was 18 minutes of work. As many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of 15 box jumps onto a 24 inch box, 12 push press at 52kgs and 9 toes to bar. The world leader board has take a little bit of a shake up and the Asian leader board has seen its fair share of movement this week!
2 workouts left.....lets see whats in store for next week! Workout is released at 0500 Dubai time Thursday 15th March.