CrossFit Games 2012 – InnerFight

"Fittest on Earth" is the tag line of the event that I will be part of for the coming months, an event that culminates in Los Angeles in July of this year, that is the ultimate destination for any man or woman wanting to test themselves physically against the fittest human beings in the world. But that's July and there is a process to go through.
So whats the process?.....
Simply put! 1 workout a week for the coming 5 weeks which are done here in Dubai. Ranking in the top 60 in the Asia region at the end of these 5 weeks earns the right to participate in the Asia regional championship in Korea in May. It is here where first place is all that counts. The winner secures a place in the CrossFit Games finals......the rest go home until next year.
50,000 people around the world will participate in the open but ultimately there can only be 1 male and 1 female crowned "The Fittest".
To track my progress on the CrossFit Games site CLICK HERE