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Whether you are completely new to CrossFit training, or a dedicated CrossFit enthusiast looking for your new CrossFit gym in Dubai – we have what you are seeking! Just an FYI – our official affiliate name is InnerFight CrossFit DXB.

New to CrossFit Training?

You’re probably wondering “what is CrossFit anyway?”.

CrossFit is “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” meaning its always a different workout, we push pretty hard and the movements are natural to your body!

You’re also probably asking, “what are the benefits?”

Infinite…but in simple terms you will look, feel and perform better in pretty much every area of your life.

Several Benefits

  • Improves physical strength
  • Improves agility
  • Improves aerobic fitness
  • Boots cardiovascular fitness
  • Build physical and mental confidence
  • Build muscular endurance
  • Become part of a community
  • Have fun working out

If you’re new to CrossFit or the CrossFit gym environment and need help figuring out where to start, you can get started with one of our coaches for your Initial Consultation – a one on one session to take you through the fundamentals and help you and the coach determine if you are ready for the classes.

Experienced in CrossFit and looking for a new home?

So, why join the InnerFight community?

We understand that not everyone is a professional athlete, but we also understand that everyone benefits from physical exercise and we have seen this over the last 10 years. Physical fitness impacts all areas of our lives in a positive way. We have proven time and again that our program makes people better at life as we have routed it in community and fun whilst having safety and peoples best interests at the forefront of our priorities.

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CrossFit Classes in Dubai

  • Mainline CrossFit Class
  • Weightlifting Class
  • Gymnastics Class
  • Strong Man Class
  • Barbell Class
  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • Kids Fitness

Check out all our classes and timings for more information.

Location: InnerFight CrossFit Dubai

We are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and welcome anyone – no matter if you are a visitor, resident or just want to come and check out what is going on at the gym. We welcome you to come and get involved by joining one of our CrossFit or specialist classes!

Mail us for information or book your first class completely free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions About CrossFit

Do I need to get fit first?

We hear this over and over, and this is why we are here, to help people start their fitness journey. All of our programs are based on peoples zones and abilities to ensure everyone gets better and stays safe and happy.

Will the workouts be are too hard for me?

The workouts are designed to be challenging. Do not get put off by the people rolling around on the floor. We are all here to get better and our coaching team is here to support you and make sure you enjoy the process. 

Will I get injured?

If you listen to the coaching team you have nothing to worry about, if you think you know what you are doing or copy other people then you are putting yourself at risk. Safety is our number one priority. We will take care of you.

CrossFit is a cult. Is this true?

You could say that. Some people say InnerFight is it’s own cult. Being a part of something that makes you better at life is not really a bad thing is it?

What are the movements?

We use “functional movements” in that we want your body to move freely so you do not see big bulky gym machines at our gym, we believe that you should be able to move your body well before adding loads. So think about things you do often such as sit down and stand up (squat) and pick up your shopping bags (deadlift) and you are on the right tracks. We will make you better at daily life tasks. 

What should I eat?

We recommend a natural diet free from processed food, sugar and dairy. Our sister company is Smith St Paleo and we continue to see amazing results from this style of eating. 

Will I get bulky?

This is a common question from females and the simple answer is no. What will happen if you train and eat well is that you will probably lose body fat so your muscles will not be disguised any more but you will be able to see them. Few people increase muscle mass, many reduce body fat!

Getting Started At InnerFight

How can I join InnerFight?

You can drop in and have a chat with us or contact us below through whichever method you prefer.

How much is it to join?

This depends on what service you want. Contact us below and let us know your goals and we will help figure out what best suits you towards achieving those goals.

Can I just come workout at the gym?

No. To ensure everyone’s safety and make sure they are using the right techniques, you can only workout at the gym if you are in one of the classes or training one on one with a coach.

How can I contact you?

We know everyone has a preferred way of getting in contact, so pick whichever suits you from the list below!

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Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” this is a sport that has exploded globally over the last 10 years to a stage where there are now over 5,000 CrossFit gyms around the world. It is fun, it is addictive and it will take you to places in many areas of your life that you have never been before in the most positive way.

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