Create genuine buy-in!

We all know that developing a healthy lifestyle, getting "fit" and staying that way can be very testing at times. For every plus point that you find there seems to be another 5 negative points out there.
What I want to do in this post is share with you the importance of "Creating genuine buy in" from your family and or friends into your health and fitness plan.
There are going to be times where the easy option..... is to stay home with the kids or go out to dinner and drinks with friends, there are going to be times when your option of going to the gym seems so much less appealing than a social event that you could be at and there are going to be times when you just feel like everyone around you is always doing something different and you just don't quite fit in anymore......
Well as the post title states what I want to offer here is the notion of "Creating genuine buy in" from those around you and I want to look at this on three levels.......
Firstly in the home. Are your family on the same page as you? Do they realise the huge positive impacts on your life and theirs of increased attention to health and fitness? Do they need some education on the issue? How easy do you think it would be if your husband or wife was on a similar eating plan as you and you didn't always feel like the odd one out when it came to dinner time? If you can create buy in at home then you are half way there and you are also doing the other family members a favor by making good health and fitness the norm in your household.
Secondly at the workplace. Do your colleagues order fast food for lunch every day? Are there always cakes and biscuits on offer in the office? Do any of your colleagues go to the gym. If you are striving for a healthier and fitter lifestyle then find people in your office that are on the same page as you and team up, feed off each others desires and see if you can spread your thirst around the office.
Finally with your friends. The people that you socialise with will have a huge influence on the habits that you follow! Are they health conscious? Do they see sport as part of life or just something they watch on the TV with a takeaway on their lap? As the saying goes we are able to choose our friends so why not look for companions that share similar interests as you and opt for a healthy and active life.
Surrounding yourself with people that are on the same page as you when it comes to your health and fitness goals is so incredibly important. They have to buy into what you are doing if you are going to receive the support that you need to reach the goals that you have. Having a strong support network to drive you to your health and fitness goals is a huge bonus and will help you in times of need as well as when you are flying high.