Are you going through the motions? Are you at work today because it is what you did yesterday? Time to change, time to realise your true potential. Time to start living a truly amazing life and achieving your dreams.

InnerFight founder Marcus Smith is a motivational speaker like no other, his natural energy and dedication to not only get the most out of his life but help as many people live their lives to the full as possible is energising, infectious and highly motivating. Marcus demonstrates that high performance is rooted in your physical capacity and having a body that works optimally leads to a mind that delivers amazing in all areas of life.

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“What I strive to achieve with InnerFight is improved human performance in every aspect of people’s lives. I have had a great opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of people ranging from children to adults, males, females, professional athletes and those that see sport as something that brings huge positives to their lives. Coming from a professional sports back ground, I have no doubt that our physical capacity forms the basis of our performance in life. Couple that with getting your head in the right place and your life becomes awesome.” Marcus Smith

Testimonials from leaders of companies Marcus has worked with:

“We appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our attendees” Jamal Lootah, Senior Director National Recruitment. DU Telecom

“An extraordinary awakening into a world that educates you in developing and maximising performance capabilities” Jamie Gray, Majid Al Futtaim Properties

“A breath of fresh air to hear that the emphasis is not on gym, but on diet and rest…..if there is an additional message I take from the inspirational talk from Marcus, is that sugar is essentially unnecessary and with exclusion of that, one can change their physical and mental well being (equating to performance) for ever! It’s not difficult but simple to achieve. No orange juice for my colleagues and I ever again!!.” David Clark, Director, Ernst & Young

“InnerFight has proven to be a perfect resource to support our mission of creating a High Performance Culture. The mix of motivation, healthy living and goal setting has become the backbone of quarterly team workshops. Instead of breaking for coffee and cigarettes, we are using our breaks to enhance all aspects of the teams life. The value add for our regional sales network over the past 18 months has been considerable.” Lloyd Budd, Majid Al Futtaim Properties

“Marcus is a passionate and talented fitness trainer who is able to explain, in simple terms to senior corporate executives, the very simple and direct link that personal diet/sleep/fitness choices have on work performance and, more importantly, family quality of life.” Phil Gandier,Transaction Advisory Services Leader, Ernst & Young

“YPO Emirates was honored to have Marcus Smith as a guest resource in April 2013. His own extensive experiences coupled with his captivating delivery and structured seminar gave every single person in the room including the children, an immense take home value. The event received an astounding 9.4 rating which only exceptional events ever receive in YPO. YPO Emirates looks forward to inviting Marcus Smith back for a more in depth series of workshops and an all day seminar.” Adel Ghazzawi, YPO Emirates since 2004, served actively on all Local, Regional and International Boards of YPO

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