Let’s talk about class programming

You must have noticed we are doing much more strength the past three weeks. This is because until our next testing week (first week of August) our main goal is to get stronger in the main lifts. 

The next Crossfit open will happen around October that gives us another twelve weeks to get in better shape. In this second block of 12 weeks the main focus will be fitness, maintaining our strength we built in the previous block. 

The system we are using is a modified 963 strength cycle. Combined with accessories after each main lift that will make you as strong as possible in the following twelve weeks. We attack each muscle group in the body using more frequent sessions and a quality amount of reps. This will trigger quality hypertrophy aka muscle building and allow you to work on exercise form.

If you care, then do this at the right percentage of your 1 RM. 1 RM gets tested during testing week hence the importance to make it to each session that week!  

What if you don’t know your 1 RM for that exercise?! Use the building sets to work up to a weight that feels challenging — remember this number and add 8-10% the next week. 

Always keep quality reps over weight or quantity! Maybe you can’t hold the prescribed % of weight that day because of bad sleep, just got back from traveling, sick or just not feeling it that day…be smart and think of the long run! Better to do 6 good reps with perfect form than 9 shitty reps. 

Now you know how we are getting stronger in our main lifts like Deadlift, Back and Front squat, Bench and Overhead Press. 

Olympic lifting skills will be developed during warm ups with the empty bar. Everyone no matter how good you are will benefit from working with an empty bar! Pay attention and don’t chit chat here, you can talk about Friday Brunch while resting during the strength part ;-)

If you'd really like to improve your Olympic lifting than attend the specialty Weightlifting class 6:30 am on Wednesdays.

Getting better in gymnastics is a must that’s why every third week we focus on teaching a new gymnastic skill. Followed by two weeks of progressions on that skill. The skill is built up so each zone will benefit from it. 

Last but not least conditioning…

Which is not our main focus in the current block. Although we don’t want to lose too much of our precious fitness and keep things interesting and fun. Hence the shorter but heavier workouts and high intensity intervals. 

If any questions or you want more details, just ask when you see me around.

Cheers Boz

By; Carmen Bosmans, Performance Coach