InnerFight holds a range of different classes, all programmed by our specialist coaches designed to give you the optimum training environment to improve in all areas of fitness.

Mainline class

InnerFight mainline classes are for everyone. We have members as young as 9 and our oldest is over 70!

Our one hour mainline CrossFit classes follow the daily workout, as programmed by our expert high-performance coaches, and combine varied strength and conditioning elements to help you get fitter and stronger. To ensure your safety, progression and continued motivation our mainline classes are based on the InnerFight Zones of Performance which we encourage you to have a look at.

Weightlifting class

In this one-hour specialty class, we focus purely on Snatch and Clean & Jerk; two movements that many may recall feature strongly at the Olympic Games. These are complex movements that rely heavily on technique as well as base strength.

Is it for me? If you’re considering competing in CrossFit, this is a hugely beneficial class as it addresses the carryover of the weightlifting movements into CrossFit – especially since the Snatch is one of the most frequently tested movements in the CrossFit Games.

What to expect? The class has a heavy focus on the technical side of the movements as this is the key to fast progression.

When does it take place? Wednesdays at 06.30am and Sundays at 6pm


A class to ensure you perfect all core gymnastics movements, including the pull up, hand stand push up, toes to bar, dips, muscle ups and rope climbs. This session is all about technique so you can push yourself harder and further in our mainline classes.

Is it for me? If you’re taking part in our mainline classes and want to perfect the gymnastics elements of the program, this class is for you.

What to expect? To focus solely on core gymnastics movements to ensure you perform optimally in our mainline classes.

When does it take place? Mondays at 06.30am and 5pm

Strong Man

A class all about lifting heavy stuff! Strong Man training builds real world, functional strength and will transform you from the inside out.

What to expect? Expect sandbags, sleds, kegs, logs, Dballs, Axle bars, farmer walk handles

When does it take place? Tuesdays at 5pm & 6.30pm

Obstacle Course Racing

One of the world’s fastest growing sports! A class to help you improve your obstacle and endurance skills as well as people who are new to the sport. A typical OCR would mainly consist of running, carrying heavy objects such as sandbags, water jugs and sand filled buckets, climbing over & under walls and swinging like a monkey across monkey bars and various rigs.

What to expect?  Wednesdays we will focus mainly on grip and upper body strength training. In these classes we will focus on using grip whilst fatigued but also cover grip obstacle techniques and how to crush grip obstacles efficiently & safely. Thursday mornings will be all about heavy carries. This class will be held at the Sport City track. Clients will learn how to carry heavy objects efficiently and build up the strength to do this faster becoming more confident ready for race day.

When does it take place? Grip Class Sun 6am InnerFight HQ, Heavy Carries Thurs 6am Sports City Track, Sat free trail runs

Kids Fitness

Gyms are for kids too, so we open our doors for children from as young as eight to come get fit and have fun with their schoolmates in our kids-only classes.

We believe that everyone should be given the chance to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle from a young age, so these classes will provide nutrition advice as well as tailored workouts for children of different ages and fitness levels.

Is Kids Fitness suitable and safe for my kids? Safety and fun are out main priorities. We have worked with kids for a number of years and our kids’ fitness program has brought through some great talent.

What to expect? We teach kids the importance of human movement, great nutrition and a winning mindset.

When does it take place? Saturdays at 9am


How do I join?

Mail us on or call 04 321 2899. We’ll discuss your options and get you started.

Where does it take place?

InnerFight HQ.

Are the classes age limited?

Our Kids class is for 5-12 year olds but all other classes have no age limit. Just check with our team if you have any questions.

How many people will be in the class?

In order to ensure your safety and enjoyment, the classes are limited to the following:

Mainline class: 20 members*

Weightlifting: 10 members

Gymnastics: 14 members

Strong Man: 12 members

*please note that on Mons/Weds at 6.30am this limit is reduced to 14 members to allow adequate space for the Gymnastics/Weightlifting class. On Sun/Tues/Weds at 6.30pm the class is reduced to 16 members during the RedZone specialty class.

Is the class for males and females?

Of course, both are more than welcome.

Do I have to book?

Yes. To ensure you secure your place we ask you to book via any of the following 4 simple ways:


Package Rate
Unlimited classes AED1575 (per month)
3 classes per week AED1365 (per month)
2 classes per week AED1050 (per month)
Single class AED160 (per session)AED105 kids class
3 months unlimited classes AED4200
6 months unlimited classes AED8140
12 months unlimited classes AED15225
Prepack of 10 classes AED1450 (3 months)
Weekly unlimited classes AED525 (7 days)

Emirates staff rate and Kids rates are available mail us for more details.

Group classes not your thing? Then why not have a look at our personal performance coaching.

We are waiting for your mail and look forward to seeing you in the gym!