Chris Yates

Just wanted to drop you a line about how much I am enjoying InnerFight. This will be my 3rd month on the InnerFight program. Let me tell you, I have done a lot of Fitness Programs that did achieve results but I wanted to up the bar and push myself even further. InnerFight has allowed me to do this and more! I live InnerFight now! It has not only made me think about what I am putting into my body, it has also changed my mental preparation in what I do, whether its InnerFight daily exercises to running or even work. Your dedication to InnerFight and to its followers is truly inspirational and I wanted to thank you for your support. I can always count on getting information from the website or if I cant find the answer emailing InnerFight via the website or Facebook and I am answered pretty quick with what ever query I may have. This for me puts you above the rest. You care about the people doing your programs. We are not just a “number”. The feeling you get after an InnerFight workout is hard to describe, it hurts (in a good way) but you feel on top of the world soon after.  InnerFight is like a drug – addictive as hell and I love it! Just one last thing – SHOW NO WEAKNESS