Christmas Calories: Move and Burn

We all love to spend time with family and friends over the Christmas period, and we all indulge in a little to much festive food and other things. It's okay. But how do you make sure that you are burning off at least some of the extra calories? Contrary to popular belief, calories actually count at Christmas too. There is one simple rule. Just move! Don't worry if you don't stick to your program or if you don't beat your personal best. Just make sure you're moving. If you are staying in Dubai for Christmas then the classes are still running and fit perfectly. For those of you lucky enough to be traveling home for the holidays then there are still plenty of options for you even if you have limited or no facilities. Burpees, Air squats, Push Ups, Running. All require NO equipment but when put together in any of a million different ways, they will give you a great workout. But 'if done properly' you'll surely get your heart rate through the roof. If you have access to a local gym that doesn't have classes then I suggest to go and do whatever you feel like doing that particular day. Like the song: "If you feel like running - run. If you feel like benching  - bench (yes I bench a lot at Christmas)" If you have traveled home for Christmas, go and run around the place where you grew up. Is there anything better than wrapping up warm and running on a brisk frosty morning, steam coming out of your mouth when you breath, waving to everyone you know, and because it's Christmas, waving at everyone you don't know too? This is my favorite Christmas morning workout and also means I can enjoy a bit extra turkey. Wherever you are for the holidays, have fun and remember... just move!   By: Ben Davies, InnerFight Performance Coach