In order to deliver the very best service to all of our clients and also to meet the requirements of governing bodies we follow a simple but strict booking and cancellation policy and appreciate your support on this.


All bookings can be made online through the Mind Body Application. If you do not have a valid package, then you will be unable to book online and will need to contact our reception team. If you do not have a valid package your space you will not be confirmed in the class. If classes are full we do operate a waiting list. If you book yourself onto the waiting list, please check your emails for notification of a space. If you fail to check your emails and do not turn up for your space then you will charged.

Bookings can be made 10 days in advance.


Classes can be cancelled with no penalty up to 10 hours before the class starts.

Should you cancel less than 10 hours before a class starts then you will be charged for the class.


We operate waiting lists for all classes on our timetable if the class is full. All members must have a valid package option available to secure their space on the waiting list. Your space will be confirmed to you upon booking through the Mind Body Application or by email from our team. Please note that the 10hr cancellation policy will automatically apply as soon as you gain a space off the waiting list, so if you receive a space in class less than 10hrs before the class start time and fail to turn up then you will be charged. If you know that you can no longer make it, please remove yourself from the waiting list to avoid gaining a space and being subsequently charged if you then cannot make it. The booking system works on the assumption that if you are on the list, you are still available to attend.


We operate a 10hr cancellation policy for all private and PT appointments. If you cancel more than 10hrs before the booking you will not be charged for the session


All packages at InnerFight have a validity period. There are no extensions to the validity of any packages and there is also NO Freeze options for any packages.


Payment must be made in full at the time of booking to secure the slot. As these are special events, with instructors who have set aside time for the workshop, bookings and payment for any workshops are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.