We don’t like being mean but we do like to be fair and to be fair to everyone in our community we have to have clear policies on class cancellations.

For our 5:30am classes if there are no bookings by 8pm the previous night then we will cancel that class. For all other classes, if there are no booking 2 hours before the class is due to start then we will cancel the class. (This does not often happen but be aware just in case you are planning to turn up with no booking, there may not be a class.)

We give you the chance to cancel your class up to 2 hours before it starts no matter what time of day your class is on, this can be done directly on the Mind Body app outside of gym opening times or by contacting the gym during opening hours.
If you have not cancelled your class 2 hours before it is supposed to start then we are super excited that you are coming……….If you do not show up though then that will be regarded as a no show and you will be charged for the class as normal.

All pretty straight forward right? If you are not coming let us know so we can let other people in the class!!!

Thanks for your help to make this process smooth and pain free.