Burpee Challenge

1,000 burpees is the challenge here. Started initially by our coaches Carmen and Marcus, it is amazing to see so many people have done it. It is a straight forward challenge, start with 1 and finish when you have done 1,000. Make sure you do them to standard, check out the video demo below. Here is a list of people that have completed the challenge so far:
  • Carmen Bosmans
  • Marcus Smith
  • Salim Al Ali
  • Ghalib Bin Gharbash
  • Badr Fikree
  • Mohammed Al Zaabi
  • Ahmad Al Harsousi
  • Sultan Al Sabri
  • Saad Umerani
  • John Michaelids
  • Mohammad Kassim
  • Narayan Numara
  • Vimal Nandwani
  • Carlyn Lobo
  • Hayley Morgan
  • Yousef Tuqan
  • Hanan Wehbi
  • Rickson D'souza
  • Jill Calvert
  • Kim Smith
  • Elita Cruikshank
  • Jon Saunders
  • Scott Ragsdale
  • Luba Stepanova
  If you do it send us your time or some form of evidence and we will add your name to the list. Check out Carmen beating Marcus in this video from our friend Fahad.