Bulletproof Coffee

UntitledYou may or may not have heard of this stuff. If you have you may or may not know what all the fuss and noise is about or what actually goes into this thing called "Bulletproof coffee". So what is it: Simply put it is your normal coffee (black) with fat in the form of butter and oil added to it! Yes it is that simple. Why should you have it? Without geeking out on the low carb high fat diet in this post (save that for podcast 107 out on Thursday 1st May) the fat in this coffee is: Giving you energy, enhancing brain health and out and out filling you up in a good way. UntitledHow much should you have? People seem to be getting hooked on this stuff. We say no more than 2 cups a day. (Go check out an earlier post on coffee for more on this.) How do I make it? There are 3 easy steps here:
  1. Make 300ml of your best, purest, preferably organic black coffee.
  2. Get 30ml (2TBS) of coconut oil* and the same of grass fed butter.
  3. Stick 1 and 2 in your blender for 30 seconds and you are set.
It really is that simple. *If you are looking for this in Dubai here is where you need to go Do you have another way that you like to make bulletproof coffee? Leave your comments in the comments section below. http://instagram.com/p/nb2YgIiQG0/