Building a Strong Foundation for Our Youth

Many studies show that getting involved in fitness related activities at a young age sets the stage for a healthier lifestyle on into adulthood. 

While most types of fitness are good for children, it is most important that they learn fundamental movements early in life. This training creates a strong foundation for them to build upon whether it be in other athletic activities or simply for their wellbeing. 

Here at InnerFight we focus on safely building this foundation with coaches certified in training children.  We are here to teach movement and to shape bodies and minds in order to improve lives.  In order to tailor the lessons to the needs and capabilities of the participants, our classes are broken into 3 different age groups. We know that the key to developing a passion for fitness in children centers around them seeing progress, feeling a sense belonging, and having fun. In recognition of this we strive to create a sense of community in which kids feel safe to do their best. Therefore, we limit class sizes so that our young athletes receive the personalized attention they need in order to make strides and reach their goals. The following is a general overview of what to expect in each age group:

Kids - First and foremost, to build a sustainable passion for fitness, kids at this age need to have fun! Therefore, we infuse games with carefully crafted movement patterns to begin to develop the association of fitness as something positive and enjoyable. Our main focus with this group is working on finding fun ways to engage the athletes to learn the basics of moving well, body awareness and movement patterns.

Preteens - In this age group, to match the increased coordination of the athletes, the focus begins to expand into more complex movements, with very light weights. While we still end our classes with fun games or challenges, the majority of the class is spent working with each child to develop a mastery of these more complex movements. This includes body weight movements such as push-ups, pull-ups and box jumps, but also includes the use of equipment. It is important to note that we do not allow heavy lifting at this age and we focus on making sure that the kids are making smart decisions. 

Teens - Once a child has mastered fundamental movements and are comfortable with the equipment, we begin to gradually add weight based on age and assessed capability. At this stage, teens are ready to engage in more vigorous training and the workouts expand to include multiple movements more typical of an adult class. Nevertheless, safety remains paramount and we do not allow kids to pursue heavy lifting such as one rep maxes.

Creating a strong affinity for fitness in our youth should not be seen as an activity, but rather as a necessity. With this strong foundation they will be prepared to confidently continue their fitness journey into adulthood.  We hope that you’ll help your children to take the first steps on a lifelong pursuit of fitness and join us in class!

By: Bonnie Tuttle, Youth Coach