Brave Project 2 – Arturo Castellanos

The candidate for "The Brave Project 2" powered by Suunto has been selected.Suunto_logo_conquer Artutro Castellanos is a novice triathlete and in the next 3 months will be taught everything there is to know about maximizing his bodies potential in this incredible sport. Artutro has been selected from steep competition and is now ready to entrust the InnerFight coaches with his life during the 3 month program.   Here is Arturo's application: Dear Neil, My name is Arturo Castellanos and I am 36 years old. I started training in 2013 in order to have fun and loose weight. And I have enjoyed training since but the results have not been as good as I would have expected, despite the improvement I am very far from the targets. I started on 115kg went down to 98kg, then back to 105kg, then 92kg and now around 99kg. I can loose weigUntitledht as long as I train hard enough, but as soon as I relax I put weight back very fast. Target weight for me would be around 77kg (I am 1'82cm tall) so as of now I have to loose around 22kg to be on target weight. I had a go to half IM last year, where I did 6h23min, for the upcoming half IM in November I would love to achieve at least 30' less. I am open minded and willing to change my current nutrition. I can attend 2 morning classes at Engine on Beach Road (either the 5.30 or 6.30 am classes) per week. And, I would upload all data from training into Suunto Movescount weekly for analysis. Reporting of food log, waking pulse, quantity and quality of sleep plus other metrics as required and submit weekly video blog entry as required. I am willing and able to pay for pre and post project aerofit bike and run scans. I am hard working and I think with the right training and life style changes the results would be a huge step forward for me! Thank you for your time. Arturo   And here is what InnerFight Endurance coach Neil has to say: "I am totally pumped to get started - the first Brave Project delived mind blowing results, and I can't wait to see how what we can do with Arturo" You will be able to follow Arturo's weekly progress and stats as well as some interesting video footage right here