Brave Project 2

The Brave Project – Powered by Suunto Untitled   BRAVE PROJECT 2 will kick off in August 2014.Suunto_logo_conquer Are you brave enough?.........We want to hear from you! Mail us and tell us why we should pick you!! Also check out what went down in BRAVE PROJECT 1 right here   Full Details: Athlete profile: likely to be at beginner/intermediate level, with a planned ‘A race’ no earlier than November  ( We want to conclude the project with your participation in the Dubai International Triathlon on November 7th)  , possibly struggling to achieve optimum race weight, and with no significant travel plans for the duration of the project. Athlete will receive complimentary for 3 months:
  • Programming/mentoring with weekly feedback
  • 2 core/strength sessions with the InnerFight Endurance classes
  • Full nutrition programming to support weight loss if necessary, and performance.
  • Monthly body composition analysis
  • InnerFight gym apparel
  • Suunto Multisport Watch
Athlete MUST be willing and able to pay for pre and post project aerofit bike and run scans Expected/desired results:
  • Successful weight loss/weight management
  • Improved body composition
  • Increase in performance and energy levels
  • Significantly increased fat metabolism (essential for longer distance competitors)
  • Improvements in  swim/bike/run benchmark tests post project
What we will expect from the athlete:
  • The athlete must be open minded and willing to completely overhaul their current nutrition regime if necessary.  Dependent on the athlete this may well include completely eliminating any or all of the following: Sugar, bread, rice, pasta, wheat, grains, potatoes, alcohol  – complete adherence to this is critical to the success of the project – even ‘cheat days’ will have some conditions attached!  This is going to take a lot of willpower and discipline.
  • Athlete MUST be able to attend 2 morning classes at Engine on Beach Road (either the 5.30 or 6.30 am classes) per week.  We will be assessing and working on the athletes strength, co-ordination, mobility and muscular functionality.
  • All data from training to be uploaded into Suunto Movescount weekly for analysis.
  • Weekly reporting of food log, waking pulse, quantity and quality of sleep plus other metrics as required
  • Athlete will submit weekly video blog entry
In short, the athlete is going to be treated as though they are at professional level, and we will expect the same in return in terms of their reporting and feedback – it is not going to be easy, but for the successful candidate, we are sure it will be worth it! I look forward to hearing from you, Neil. (InnerFight endurance coach) Got any questions you want to ask Neil? mail him