5 ways to be more ‘Bositive’

Bositive- Adjective (Boz-i-Tiv) To be more like Boz, or to act and respond to situations in a Boz-like manner. Step 1. Techno Techno music is one of the key features of any Bositive attitude. One must use the techno to enhance ones performance in fitness and exercise. It is Bositiveley proven that techno music not only increases focus, but also increases physical performance by up to 12%. The faster and more repetitive the techno beat, the faster you will lift… Simple. Step 2. Be Jacked and Tanned You are far more likely to be a Bositive person if you are both jacked and tanned. Working out for at least 1 hour 5-6 days a week should be enough to keep you lean, strong and healthy. If you want that extra push, try adding a 30 min arms only circuit to your training 3 days a week. Traditionally known as ‘sleeve fillers’ both bicep curls and tricep extensions can be extremely beneficial, especially for women looking to increase their strength with a barbell or gymnastics. For the tanned part, 20 minutes of high quality vitamin D every day should do the trick. Not only is this good for bone health and disease fighting. It is also super relaxing, so stop stressing so much, grab a chair (we have 4 at the gym) and chill out for 20 minutes. Step 3. Colour Coordination Any Bositive person knows that it is super important to colour coordinate your gym outfits. It takes some practice, and mistakes are often made (Marcus Smith) but it is possible to buy enough sports bras, leggings and shoes that you never have to not match again. Wearing a cool matching outfit will instantly increase your self esteem and confidence. Sometimes coming to the gym requires a little confidence, they can be intimidating places, but if your sock game is on point, you have nothing to worry about. Step 4. Dance Probably the easiest step to being more Bositive is just to dance! If you followed step one correctly, there should be some techno playing right now. So stand up, pump your fist and stomp your feet. You really don’t have to think too much, just move to the beat. Dancing is a great way to get a little extra cardio done in between squat sets. It will help flush some lactic acid out of your muscles and it is great for your hip and shoulder mobility. Step 5. Smile more The final step to having the perfect Bositive attitude is to smile more. Life is so much better when you smile. If you smile at someone, chances are they will smile back, then everyone’s happy. Next time you walk in the gym, try it out, we promise we’ll smile back.   By: InnerFight Performance Coach, Carmen Bosmans