Beware of WIFI

Isn't technology awesome. Help's us to be more efficient, stay in touch, laugh more and in many cases make us far happier people. We often find ourselves drawn to hotels or coffee shops who offer free WIFI in order for us to connect to our friends, loved ones and the world, it has become a standard in the modern world to have in home WIFI too.  But behind all the benefits of technology and the convenience of WIFI there may be some hidden dangers. Check out these two images. cress-exposed   cress-unexposed     In a recent study carried out by a group of Danish students these images were their findings. They simply placed Cress seeds on trays, gave them the same amount of water and sun over a 12 day period but placed the trays in two different rooms. The only difference between the two rooms was that in one room there were two WIFI routers (broadcasting the same type of radiation as an ordinary mobile) and the other room no WIFI routers. If you guessed that the first image was the cress that was placed in the room with the WIFI routers then  you are 100% right. Are you thinking twice about leaving your routers on all the time or sleeping with your mobile phone next to your bed?