Ben Davies

“I love coaching because it combines all of my passions. I love teaching people, the feeling of helping someone achieves a particular goal, whatever it is, their first 5k, a 100kg squat, or generally just looking and feeling good about themselves. “ – Ben Davies Originating from Wales, Ben spent his early sporting life as a professional footballer before he found his passion in teaching. This led him to 10 years teaching Physical Education and specifically developing young talent into high level athletes. Ben is passionate about three things in life: teaching, fitness and helping people live the very best lives. His 10 years teaching experience has enabled him to understand different ways that people learn, respond and develop in different situations. His biggest sporting achievement is getting his international football caps. In the fitness area, qualifying for the final weekend at this year’s Dubai Fitness Championships amongst some of the fittest athletes in the world. “I would love to be part of the Innerfight team at the Crossfit Games.” Ben added. Not only is Ben an excellent coach but he also continues to compete in varying areas of fitness, ranging from CrossFit to triathlons. Ben will be teaching a number of the classes at InnerFight as well as offering personal performance coaching. You can mail him by clicking right here. You can also watch him below.