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Dominating the CJ Fitness stand @ In Shape #beirut #innerfight #smashlife #fitness #lebanon

If I were to try and sum up my recent trip to Beirut in three points they would look something like this:

  • A genuine interest in improved health and well being
  • Aesthetics as a sole motivator
  • Not a clue

The first category is where I find the greatest motivation and this kicked off on day one of my trip where I delivered three modules from my Smash Life seminar to a leading Middle East corporation. The modules "Skills for life", "Improving Mental Toughness" and "Dealing with failure" were perhaps not the subjects that this group thought I was going to deliver at the start of the day but the reception, inspiration and number of "AHHA" moments through out the seminar was purely brilliant.

A visit to one of the regions biggest well-being events In Shape further emphasized the acknowledgement that improved health leads to an improved life. During this convention I taught the 8 hour Triggerpoint Therapy ultimate 6 course* to 15 individuals (whom with the exception of one finance manager looking into ways to fix his body) were fitness professionals in and around Beirut. The eagerness to learn and the interest in various tools to boost performance from this group was phenomenal. @tptherapy #u6 course delivered in #beirut with @quinty24 #rolledout #workdone

The second part of  my three point summary could also be found at the In Shape convention where 60% of the exhibitors were there to promote the latest technologies in short cuts to the most beautiful body around. Ranging from face lifts to lip suction and littered with various injectables built to combat the aging process. Are you surprised that my twitter hash-tag for the weekend was #botox.

And then we come to the most frightening part of the experience. A smoking section at a fitness convention? Yup you better believe it. Was it used? To the max, as were a number of the exhibitors booths. If that's beyond your belief levels then what would you think if I told you I was chatting to a personal trainer who explained to me that if he didn't put 6 sugars in his daily double Espresso then it just didn't taste quite right. WOW!

Food selection at a fitness convention #woeful #beirut #alottolearn #carnage #bread #cakes #garbage

This is the food on offer at the convention!

So from one end of the spectrum to the other is the best summary of the state of the industry in this great country. You can understand why the In Shape convention gets over 30,000 visitors during it's 3 day running......there is a market for all.

Personally I am excited about the prospect of returning to Beirut in the near future to deliver the Smash Life seminar to the public. "That is just what we need" coming at me from one fitness professional was all I needed to decide that this is a natural next step.......stay tuned for further details.

*The TP Therapy U6 course teaches individuals how to fix their bodies as well as improve performance and is open to the entire public with course running across the region. For future course details please see

The "Smash Life" Seminar
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