It's race season in Dubai, and they're coming in thick and fast. The InnerFight community is incredible for attending races, not only in participation but also in support of our friends and family. Just being there can make a massive difference to someone's race day. I wanted to share some ideas on how to be the ultimate supporter! 

Be their cheerleader: On race day, show your support by cheering them on as loud as possible. Bring a sign or a vuvuzela. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your friend on the sidelines, screaming your name, and telling you that you're looking good! 

Be their sounding board: Be a considerate ear for your friend to talk through any nervousness or worries they might have before the race. You could give some good advice or a kind ear. Simply sharing a concern can help you realize there's nothing to worry about.

Be their super domestique: If your friend is doing a longer race, offer to have their own nutrition at specific points, if it is allowed during the race, of course! Or take all their bags before and after the race, so post-race is super smooth and stress-free.

Be their media officer: Everyone likes to re-live their experience and share success. Make sure you capture the moments they'll be able to look over and smile. You can also keep others in the loop with their progress so your friend doesn't have to worry about sending texts right before the gun goes off! 

These simple tips will reduce overall stress and increase overall happiness. When the going gets tough, it might mean the difference between hitting the race goal.

Have Maximum impact and enjoy losing your voice.

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