Basic means fundamental, key, and essential. Anybody great at something makes perfecting the basics a priority, no matter what level they start from. They take time to develop and master the basics. They revisit them, focus on perfecting them, and respect that they’ll never reach their potential without them. Bypassing the basics is lazy because of the long process associated with mastering them. 

Unfortunately, clickbait like ‘get faster quicker’ and ‘10X the results of traditional training’ leads to people often skipping the basics and rushing to the end goal. Do these work in the long run? No. Choose to dedicate yourself to the basics and keep returning to them. This will make you great forever.

Look at Kipchoge, who broke the world record for the marathon (again). Someone who doesn’t value the basics will think of ‘shoes, arm sleeves, or altitude’ as the reason behind the success, bypassing the hard work and consistency dedicated to the basics. Hours of untelevised work go into such a performance. Only once we respect the basics do the marginal gains become significant.

Are you giving the basics the respect they deserve in your sport? In your life? 

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