Avoid the afternoon slump

Falling asleep at your desk? Want it to be 6pm and home time but it's only 3pm? Struggle to be productive after lunch? Are these things resonating with you? If so here are 4 points that are going to sort you out big time:
  1. What's for lunch: This is going to make or break your afternoons. Stuff yourself with the buffet and top it off with a second visit to the cake section and you are heading for disaster, after your insulin has bolted off the chart it is going to drop to levels so low that all you want to do is sleep. Stay away from big heavy lunches and stay away from sweet food at lunch even if it is fruit.
  2. Do you drink sleeping juice: If you are not blowing out food wise at lunch time you still need to check you are not sedating yourself through the liquid that you are drinking.That ice cold soda to wash down your salad is really not helping you either, nor is your post lunch, pre afternoon session latte loaded with 2 sugar sachets. Stick to water, it is your buddy and will take care of you.
  3. Don't rot: If you think you can sit at your desk from 2-6 and be productive for those 4 hours you are so wrong. Your body needs to move. Make a conscious effort to get active every 30-40 minutes. Get up out your chair, walk around, maybe up and down some stairs, get outside for some fresh air if you can or even just a walk to a water fountain to ensure you are hydrated. Sitting on your behind will only act like a sleep accelerator.
  4. Be smart: You have to be smart when you are scheduling your day. If you traditionally have attention issues in the afternoon session then stop planning important meetings or working on complex pieces of work during that time. Get organized and get that stuff knocked over in the morning when you are perhaps a lot more focused.
There is no reason why we should suffer the afternoon slump, it's simply a waste of good time. man sleeping at desk