InnerFight “APP”

In line with our vision to make you "better at life" we are happy to put InnerFight in the palm of you hand in the form of our APP on IOS. So that you get the most out of the App we want to highlight some of its features. About us: Here you can find out everything you need to on how we can make you better at life. Be sure to check out our team of coaches as these are the guys responsible for your training. Training: This is where it is at: our daily class workout as well as our red zone program. But better than that from here you can access our "Demo Library" which gives you video demo's of all exercises. Two very cool features in this section are "Convert" which allows you to change between LBS and KG and as well as KM's and Miles. And then finally and most importantly a section for your "PR's" so you have your personal record of what's going on. Food: As we know it's all about food, we have also put over 80 clean eating, Paleo recipes in the palm of your hand. How awesome is that. Podcast: The InnerFight podcast has over 500 episodes, you can access them directly on the app as well as through itunes. Blog: Talk about information, the blog section is loaded with articles written by the InnerFight team on everything from motivation to nutrition. Notepad: Want to make notes about your performance? Lucky we have an easy to use notepad within the app. More: We are not done could we be without asking you what you want? If there is anything missing that is going to make you better at life then just let us know and we will see how we can add it to the app. Deal? Thank you! And of course if you love the app, why not hop over to itunes and give it a review and rating. Click here. Not got the app yet? Click here and get it now.