Anaerobic Thoughts

Let's make this simple.

Aerobic = With Oxygen

Anaerobic = Without Oxygen

We are repeatedly told that we think clearest when we are calm and distraction free. It is of course when many of us produce our very best work.

We are also told that in the "heat of the battle" so to speak our thinking can become somewhat distracted. We can not think straight, we more often than not seem to make decisions that are not correct or that we may later regret.

And then we come to some extent to the absolute anomaly when in the heat of the battle and deprived of oxygen (therefore in an anaerobic state) we have the ability to somehow make some of the best decisions of our life and on a particular day for me one that saved my life!

I'm all for aerobic thinking but there are a clear number of times when I know I am oxygen deprived that I have has some super clear thoughts and ideas.

It also happens to be the state I was in when I coined the term anaerobic thoughts and this article was formed, cool huh!

With or without Oxygen... How do you think best? Drop me a mail to

By Marcus Smith, Innerfight Founder (@mjd_smith)