An inspirational kid

Over the summer months I have had the great opportunity of having an 11 year old girl in my daily InnerFight class. The daughter of one of my regular clients. As the school holidays came to an end that also brought around her final session during which she kindly baked me some treats and made this card. Inspirational from an 11 year old girl that's been with us over summer. WOW was what I was left thinking. WOW. This was a kid whose Dad had brought her into a gym environment at 11 years old, that was littered with people twice her size throwing around weights, making noise, sweating buckets, passing out on the floor all in the search of increased performance and getting the best out of their lives. Of course at first she was a little shy, not knowing her way around and yet to learn the right moves and the way to handle this alien environment. It took her no more than two sessions to fit in and she was soon emulating what the bigger kids (adults) were doing in the gym, topping it off with a little spew one day that she duly wiped off and carried on with the daily workout. What a champ. Little spew today, wiped it off & kept going #bigfuture This story becomes even more remarkable when Daddy went back to attending my 5:30am class and she still wanted to get up and come. Bear in mind that this was in the middle of school holidays and on a few occasions she had been sleeping over at a friends house or having friends over at her own for the night. She literally never missed a single session.  Her main dilemma that she discussed with Dad on the way home from her final session was how she was going to juggle school and training when term started again. Who said physical exercise and feeling awesome from it is not addictive? I have spoken on previous posts about how I believe kids need to be subjected to sport and the family needs to create the environment for success on this level. Here I want to share with you 3 simple points from this example and from this young girl.
  1. When you give a kid a chance to succeed, make them feel comfortable and give them the confidence they need then you dramatically increase the chances of a great result.
  2. This particular kid is at a tipping point (as most kids are most of the time) of which way to go in life, by having her in this environment for the last few months I am pretty sure that she will choose the path that will bring the best to her.
  3. The infection grows. In this girl we have managed to create a role model for her friends. I can bet my bottom dollar she will be more proud and energetic about her exercise over summer than many of the other kids will be about what they have been up to.

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