Am I a CrossFit Geek? – 10 point check

  1. Do you call your gym a box? This is a simple definition issue> Box: "a container, case, or receptacle, usually rectangular, of wood, metal, cardboard, etc., and often with a lid or removable cover." Are you still sure your gym is a "box".
  2. You call your workout a WOD: If you are American you will often substitute the o for about 3-4 A's and call it a Waaaad. It's your workout so call it that.CF Shirt Off
  3. You wear long socks even when the workout has nothing in it that is going to cause the slightest bit of damage to your beautiful shins.
  4. You wear Reebok Nano's even though they are extra wide on your narrow feet, are incredibly clunky and deliver no added benefit to the exercises you may be doing.
  5. You take your shirt off before the warm up. Yup ladies too. I am all good with shirts off don't get me wrong, but before the warm up? As humans we generally remove items of clothing as we heat up, so later on in your workout no issues but all you skinny guys that take your shirts off before the warm up need to think twice.
  6. You claim to eat Paleo but then start to add cream to your coffee, your performance goes down and on your cheat days (minimum 3 a week) you eat everything on the no no list. Hence your body shape doesn't change. But you still tell everyone you are "Soooooo Paleo".
  7. You believe Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa and the other top CrossFit athletes  follow programs and also eat Paleo. If it was that simple then we would all look like them but we don't.
  8. You give yourself the title of "athlete" after you have signed up for your beginners course which makes you so much better than just the normal "gym user". If you are an "athlete" then they can be too. There is plenty of room out there for "athletes"
  9. You have multiple skip ropes but still have trouble stringing more than 10 consecutive double unders together. One day you will realise that in fact it is not the rope but you just need to spend a bit of time practicing.
  10. Not only have you added Jason Khalipa as a friend on Facebook but you have taken it one step further and sent him a private message and actually expect a reply.
Disclaimer: This is by no means a dig at CrossFit or the people that use it. I personally have had a lot of fun and satisfaction from CrossFit. What does make me laugh is people that just become total geeks about it as described above. Hope you see the funny side to these points!