Always Learning

Whether you like it or not, you are always learning.
Billions of interactions are happening every second that your body is reacting too. Reacting and learning. We stress ourselves through exercise, the body learns and reproduces stronger, more resilient cells. You don't use the muscles and mitochondria you currently have, your body learns and reduces them to make itself more efficient.
We intake an incredible amount of information each day as part of these interactions. You may not care about Joe Bloggs the celebrity but if you read mainstream newspaper and magazines, you will learn about them. You don't want to learn the latest catchy and incredibly annoying pop song, but if you listen to the radio you will. The mind is like a hungry dog, it will eat up whatever you put in front it.  Whether you like it or not, you are always learning.
With the above in mind, can we be even smarter in who we are learning from? That doesn't mean only reading or listening to resources that increase your knowledge on topics, this would be awesome but I want to drive a different point across, it means can you learn from every situation you are in. We are going to learn from it anyway, so why not make it a positive learning experience, a self-growth experience.
Have to meet with a colleague, client or friend that always leaves you feeling negative? Learn why? what are they doing or saying that is powerful enough to affect you. Learn from it and next time, make a change and act upon it!
Always wake up at the start of the week feeling tired/low? Instead of brushing it off as #mondayfeels work out why? Re-trace your steps, what did you do/not do? Eat or not eat? Learn and act upon it!
Always crave bad food at the end of a hard workday? 'Stress' is not an excuse, it's a product of what you have done that day. Learn why you get particularly stressed on that day, figure it out and act upon it!
I will give one last example here of how we can use the most powerful tool we have as humans in one of the most common daily situations we encounter...
You have a perceived 'negative' interaction with someone or a situation, you react, excuses, self-pity, why me? they're wrong, blame X! Every bad character trait you have as human is expressing themselves, for some its expressed externally, for some internally. Here lies an epic lesson, if you can be smart enough to learn from it. Something in the interaction has set off something in you, face it, sit with it, learn from it.
If we go into every situation with a positive learning mindset or growth mindset we will be winning. No matter the outcome you win because you learn.
Whether you like it or not, you are always learning. Learn postively and you are always winning.
Happy learning.
By: Tom Walker, Endurance Coach