The InnerFight brand was founded in 2008 by Marcus Smith. We work out of a 5,000sqft gym in Dubai known as the InnerFight HQ

InnerFight is a health and performance company delivering increased human performance across many platforms including: Group strength and conditioning, personal performance coaching, Corporate performance and motivationEndurance programs and more.

InnerFight provides a content rich platform containing a vast number of performance related articles, podcasts, training plans and paleo food recipes.

“What I strive to achieve with InnerFight is improved human performance in every aspect of people’s lives, we want people to “get better at life.” I have had a great opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of people ranging from children to adults, males, females, professional athletes and those that see sport as something that brings huge positives to their lives. Coming from a professional sports back ground, I have no doubt that our physical capacity forms the basis of our performance in life. Couple that with getting your head in the right place and your life becomes awesome. We may not be for everyone but our approach works  and is proven,  those who trust in our programs will dominate in life.”Marcus Smith

Brand vision:

“Increased human performance, making people better at LIFE”

Brand Values:

  • Hard Work: Hard work on every level gets results. Increased performance cannot be faked. Hard work is the key to unlocking everything in life.
  • Honesty: Honesty is the fastest route to high and sustained performance.
  • Simplicity: The ability to do normal things abnormally well.
  • Smash life: The attitude to get the most out of the life we are given and helping others do the same.
  • Fun: Life is about having fun and creating enjoyment. Human performance sky rockets when fun is involved.
  • Mental toughness: A strong mind delivers strong performance. The fiercest battle when conquering performance increases is the one that goes on in the mind.

“Show No Weakness”