This is a common question whenever I accept a new challenge:
How much is my body capable of if my mind is set on a goal?

I have put my body through many physical and mental challenges in the past three years. Starting from the long CrossFit Workouts, pushing the limits by averaging a max heart rate of 95% throughout workouts for over 2 hours non-stop, and rowing a marathon without any preparation. 24h Ski Erg non-stop and breaking world record for the longest distance. 48-hour and 24-hour events like Show No Weakness testing physical and mental resilience in the middle of the Dubai desert in June. Thirty-two consecutive days of Rowing marathons 42195m on indoor concept2 machine. Then my most difficult challenge was Into the Darkness- 50km cycling, 50km running, and 50km cycling. Before this challenge, I  had never run more than 10k non-stop!

All of the challenges, was to test my mind's ability and physical limitations. In many of them, I have reached my maximal physical capabilities, even though after some of them, I had to be hospitalized. Luckily without long-term consequences. But in all of them, giving up wasn't an option. The mission was always much bigger than the challenge itself.

Even after these challenges, I'm still looking for the best answer.

Is it stubbornness or strong willpower to prove that the human body is much more capable with a proper mindset?

I know that mental strength is incomparable to physical strength.

There are no obstacles when the goal is clear and the human body is ready for the unknown. You can be the master of your mind or slave to your body. It's on you to decide, leading to many new questions or answers.

Just know that giving up is not an option!

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