A solution that works…..

We are all too often bombarded with advertising in various forms of media encouraging us to complete any one of the following:
  • "30 days to greater fat loss"
  • "Get the body of your dreams in 60 days"
  • "Join the challenge for XYZ month"
And so the list goes on. I am sure you know where I am coming from. I want to ask you two things in this post. The first is simply: Are you not planning on being alive longer than the time period mentioned in the various adverts? I sincerely hope so. So why on earth are you think, believing and often embarking on something so short term? Get your head around the fact that you are here for a few more years yet and that if you want the most of out your life you should start thinking about more than just a  quick fix. Secondly: Move away from the mass market and find out what works for you. I have played with a whole number of eating and training plans in my life, what do I now follow? The MS solution! (They are my initials) I have developed a solution that works for me and is going to continue to work for me and gets tweaked according to my goals at the time. I can assure you every single product that you see advertised in the fitness industry will work to some extent for some time period. What you have to do is find a solution for life.