A Mindset Shift

For every individual, our inner voice drives our outer voice and consequently our actions. Our thought patterns are influenced by our long-standing beliefs, originating more than likely from childhood where we adopted them to keep us safe.  Often, they limit us and so there is benefit to identify them and look to upgrade them with more effective mindsets.

Let me give you an example:

A limiting belief might be” “I’m not good enough to run a marathon.”  With what might seem like a blaze statement has a lot of deep rooted impact.

Your current mindset limitation is that you never believe you can run a marathon meaning which manifests in that you will likely never push yourself to find out.

There are ways around this limiting belief mindset:  Here are 3 mindsets to adopt and practice.

Growth Mindet:

This is one that most people have heard of from a concept coined by Carol Dweck.  It’s used a lot in education.  Those who adopt a growth mindset have a desire to learn, embrace challenge as an opportunity and celebrate effort and perseverance.  You will see athletes like this all the time and likely mention to yourself “ I wish I was like them.”

You will also see many people with the ‘fixed’ mindset – give up easily, feel threatened by others who are successful and who ignore constructive feedback.  Surround yourself with the growth tribe and see how it influences your behaviour.

Abundance mindset:

Abundance is very similar to ‘positivity’ in that with this mindset you see the positive side of in every situation, and your default is to focus on what is working well as opposed to the destructive mindset of playing the victim which serves no benefit. Victims tend to use excuses such as “there is not enough” time or “there is a lack of resource to complete the goal”.  Avoid being the victim at all costs.

Learning mindset:

Listening to others and asking questions is the learning mindset.  As humans we can all be quick to jump into situations and Judge people (see how many times it happens in your conversations today).  The “judges” tend to focus on Knowing and telling.  Start making the shift by listening….REALLY listening – what are your thoughts?  Ate you focussing on WHAT the person is saying and their feelings or are you just thinking what to say next?

The key to actively shifting your mindset is to pay attention to how you think and react in situations. Many of us live each day on auto pilot and days turn to weeks without any positive change.  

Mindset shift is not easy, Changing habits is not easy, by design we like comfort safety and routine. I will take time, it will take effort and there will be setbacks as you stray to break your ingrained beliefs.  Keep working at it and let the changes compound over time.

By; Rob Jones, Endurance Coach