A mile of burpees!

BURPEES! You either like them or you don't, and if I base this on people I have spoken to about them in the last couple of months then not many wear the below badge....
On Friday 8th June 2012 Original Fitness Company have organised an event which is quite simply 1 mile worth of burpees! There have been various guess's made at how many burpees this would be for an average size and height human with the most popular forecasts dropping in between 1,200-1,400! WOW!! 
And how long can one expect to take to complete such an event........
I am all for events that push people mentally and physically out of their comfort zone and this is certainly one of those. Having been exposed to burpees myself and having worked very closely with an athlete who will participate on Friday I have 2 very straight forward pieces of advice to get you through this:
Firstly break your task down into digestable chunks. Does your body react well to doing 15 burpees in a row, or are you better counting up to 20. Whatever it is you have to go into this with a plan and stick to that plan.
Secondly and this is the only way I can see this finishing faster, make the jump you are allowed between each burpee as long as possible. This will favor the taller people but of course they have further to get up each time.
What is awesome about Friday's event is that the participants will be also raising funds for the "Doe for Moe" campaign which has seen various clubs and organisations around the UAE raise money for a past Dubai resident who is suffering from cancer.
For full details on the event you can check out the Facebook page! Best of luck to all taking part!