A little more to steroids in sport than may meet the eye!

If you are reading this post then there is a great chance that you have had the Lance Armstrong drug case pop up somewhere in some form of media in your life at some stage in the last few weeks. I guess what everyone wants to know but will really never know is the truth about what happened. Well I have been doing some more digging into drugs in sport and have read extensively the varied opinions of corruption and organized cheating in many sports, non more than cycling. As luck would have it a mail drops into my inbox this week telling me to listen to the Joe Rogan podcast featuring Victor Conte a mastermind of the performance enhancing business and someone who spent time in jail for his involvement in it! Ladies and gentlemen do yourself a favor. Listen to the podcast and click on some of the below links! Athletes searching for drugs Is MMA clean? Should performance enhancing drugs be legal? I do not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs and of course I do not believe everything I read but get ready to have your eyes opened a little bit wider....
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