#755: Matt Fox on Sweat Elite

When you can run fast and you love the sport and want to be more involved in it what do you do? Normally you continue to run fast and love the sport a bit more. Not if you are Matt Fox, you take this love to another level and you get as close as possible to the best runners in the world to learn how they train, and then if you are a really good dude you share it with the world as Matt has done with Sweat Elite.

What started as a blog to share information on running has become one of the worlds most unique you tube channels in the last year since it's launch as Matt and his colleague Angus (featured in show 749 here) travel the world recording training sessions of some of the fastest runners on the planet.

In this show Matt gives the background on his love for running, blows our minds with some of the speeds he can personally run at and shares some very unique experiences he has had filming the worlds best.

Enjoy the show.


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