#733: Iten – The home of champions

Why are they so dominant? What's the secret? What are they doing that no one else is? These are some of the most common questions around some of the top performers in any sport or industry around the world. 

If you run or like sport you have probably heard of Kenyans in running and their pure dominance. Having run since childhood I certainly had and was always in awe of what they could do. I would watch them with intent. I had read books, spoken to people, even ran an ultra in Kenya in 2019. However after a conversation with Shane Benzie in 2020 I made a decision I would go to the home of running....Iten.

November 2021 Tom, Rob and I did that. In this show I try and share some key points. The reflection and learning will last a long time still and we will return.

Enjoy the show.

Running with the Kenyans
The Lost Art of Running
Tom's article
My write up

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