#732: Why make excuses when you can make moves with Zion Clark

Zion Clark was born on September 29, 1997 in Columbus, OH with a rare condition, Caudal Regression Syndrome...born with no legs, and  due to his birth mother's inability to care for him, Zion was immediately  thrust into the foster care system.  Thus, his journey to find a permanent home and a someone to call "mom" began.

Over  the course of the next 16 years Zion moved numerous times and found  himself in a variety of circumstances and environments...many of them  unfavorable. There  were situations when Zion was mentally abused, physically bullied, and  underfed...but he remained optimistic (faith in God).   

Being  physically different from others didn't help, but Zion used a positive  mindset, gracious demeanor, and diligent study habits to make friends  and excel academically.  

Zion  was introduced to the sport of wrestling while in elementary school,  but initially didn't fare very well...in fact, he didn't win a match for  several years. Upon entering Massillon High School, Zion met Coach Gil  Donahue who recognized his passion for the sport and relentless work  ethic. A wonderful friendship and bond was forged.

Over  the next 3 years Zion improved his wrestling technique and hit the  weight room like a man possessed. An amazing transformation followed!  

Part of this miraculous course of events included Zion being adopted by a woman who had been praying for a son for years!  In  dramatic fashion, the process was completed only within days before  Zion was officially scheduled to be legally aged-out (no chance of  adoption).

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