#679: Programing our subconscious with Jani Brajkovič

Jani Brajkovič was on the podcast literally one year ago to the day. In that show we dove into Janis incredible cycling career, the highs and some of the lows.

This show is totally different in that Jani talks us through some insane life changes he has gone through in the last 6 months where everything seems to be changing in his life. 

Jani has been a pro cyclist for years but at crucial stages of his career he would crash, get sick or simply not turn up on the day and he couldn’t figure out why. So he went on a journey to discover and in doing do looked into the behavior of his subconscious mind. Dug up events of his past that he is convinced shaped him and underwent perhaps one of the most transformative therapy series I have ever seen.

Be warned this show is heavy but teaches so much.

Thank you Jani.

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