#672: Life, self pity, business and sport with Tom Woolf

Tom Woolf was on our podcast 3 years ago in June 2017 where we spoke a lot about “Breaking 2”. Fast forward 3 years 2 has been broken, the business word has done a 180, life is totally different for many of us and sport may never be the same again.
In this show Tom shares his ever interesting insights on so many different topics all within 45 minutes and gives us an unreal guide of how he manages self pity in a 30 minute window……and then moves on. He also shares some super interesting insights into EdAid a company that he founded and through which he is helping thousands of youngsters through university.
 It’s always epic to spend time with Tom, he is a great human being and we can all learn a lot from him.
Connect with Tom:https://www.instagram.com/tomwoolf/

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