#651: Acai…Why do People Love it?

Acai, acaaaai, aci…..pronounce it however you like, consumption Acai is on the rise around the world, but what is it, where has it come from, is it good for us, how much can we have? Yup there are a whole load of questions around it which we dive into in this show, we let you know what you should be ordering and how often.

Acai is a small fruit, round, and black-purple in color. The fruit became a staple food in floodplain areas around the 18th century, but its consumption in urban areas and promotion as a health food only began in the mid 1990s along with the popularization of other Amazonian fruits outside the region.

The key to your consumption of Acai is all down to what you have it with, how much and how often!

Enjoy the show.

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