5 ways to survive Ramadan

UntitledSURVIVAL. The animal instinct!!! Is our objective to SURVIVE or to DOMINATE? I always want it to be the later but in some cases it is the former. Well for the purpose of this post we are looking at survival, survival during the holy month of Ramadan, a time where in certain parts of the world Muslims will refrain from eating and drinking for up to 15 hours a day whilst the temperatures continue to soar in the summer months. In podcast 130 we were lucky to host a male and female Muslim who gave us some great insights into this month of fasting. In this post we are delivering the blueprint, the 5 ways to get through this Ramadan with, well shall we say, more ease! Not that it is supposed to be easy but you get me right? LETS JUMP IN!
  • Get in the grove: Routine is only going to help you in this month. Figure out what works and make it a habit right away, this applies to your work, sleep, food, exercise and socializing times. If you are changing your schedule daily it is only going to make things harder. This is a simple discipline that is a must.
  • Stay active: You may not have a load of energy to burn this month but you have to maintain some level of activity. It would be stupid to think you are going to set a new 10km run personal best when you have not eaten or drunk all day but some form of activity is a must. The time between sunset and the final prayer of the day is ideal and if that does not work then after the final prayer of the day works well.
  • Nail your diet: There will be a lot of " comfort" foods like chocolate and sweets around this month. Why should you have them. This is not a time to gain weight so you have to nail your diet. Keep things clean and keep your quantities under control. You are only going without food for 15 hours not 15 years hence you do not need to overeat every time you see anything edible!
  • Sleep remains key: Without it you are going to be no use to anyone. Although your sleep may be segmented it is still super important. If you can grab a few hours here and a few hours there then do so. Without a decent amount of sleep (7-8 hours every 24) then you are going to be in all kinds of trouble.
  • Enjoy: I know this one may be hard to swallow but come on, it's a religious month, a spiritual month, a special month. For many the meaning is different but it is an opportunity to enjoy, to reset, to look at life in a different way. Embrace it and be cool about it. Hate it and it will hate you.
I wish you a truly awesome month and hope that you are able to stay healthy and feel good throughout this month. RAMADAN KAREEM!    By: Marcus Smith, InnerFight Founder