5 ways to becoming better at CrossFit

Over the last 5 years we have seen an explosion of CrossFit around the globe. People hear their friends talk about it or they get sent a you tube link, they try their first class, feel like the have died and come back to life, join a CrossFit gym and their life starts to change in so many great ways. A year or even shorter in, the CrossFit games comes around which starts with the CrossFit Open which is all inclusive and a great way to measure yourself against the world. There are five workouts, which for a number of people, at least 3 end in misery exposing a number of shortcomings in a "sport" that you have or are ready to make your life!!!! Are you sure? So you sit down and you make a pledge to do better next year than last but are confronted with the minefield that is CrossFit of so many disciplines from gymnastics to weightlifting to just old plain and simple running. So much to do, so much to learn and so little time to learn it. But what do we do? We try and master it all in as shorter time period as possible. We want to get strong, have the perfect muscle up and be able to snatch like an Olympian in a time frame which is only a fraction of the time spent by athletes at the top of those respective games. Whats the solution then? Well here are 5 ways that we have proven work so give them a shot and you will not be disappointed.
  1. RELAX: Yes there is a lot to do but please relax about things from the start, it is not the end of the world if you miss a session or if you have to change what a session looks like. Just stay cool about things. There are way to many people way to uptight about it and I know why, it's because they want to be successful but at the same time it is leading to their downfall. Please just relax it is only CrossFit.
  2. STALTA: This comes from a friend of mine Rob Orlando and is an acronym for Strength Takes A Lifetime To Acquire. If the games standard for a back squat is 2.5 times body weight and you are just touching body weight then you may not get there this year. But never ever stop working on getting stronger. As Mark Rippetoe famously said. " Strong people are generally more useful and harder to kill." Keep going at it and remember if you lift 1kg more today on your back squat than you could yesterday you have got stronger.
  3. Celebrate small GAINZ: Following on from 2 we have to learn to celebrate small victories. It is ten thousands of a seconds that Usain Bolt aims to beat his times by and when he does the celebration is immense. We have to have a similar outlook and trust me the better you get the smaller the small gains become but the bigger the celebration has to be. Take nothing for granted. If you make gainz you are entitled to celebrate!
  4. The Froning factor: Rich Froning has been fittest man in the world for 4 years, he is the Roger Federer or CrossFit. If you think just because you train like him (or any other athletes that have made training their job) you will get his results then think again. He is a freak of nature and what works for him (multiple workouts daily) only works for him and maybe a few others. Remember what other commitments you have in life.
  5. ENJOY: I am done with hearing about people being on programs and then proceeding to tell me how much the load is or how it's making them tired or they are not enjoying it and then continuing. That is insanity right there. We have a very simple rule, every workout has to be fun, yeah sure we try and bury ourselves in the pain cave as much as possible but you have to leave the gym smiling or your time is temporary.