5 Easy Breakfast Options

"Breakfast the most important meal of the day” Is it really more important than any other meal? So far there is no research that proves that. Then why should you have breakfast?  - In my opinion, it’s just a great way to start your day. There is evidence that people who eat breakfast tend to have healthier lifestyles than people who skip it. Most common excuse from people who skip it, is the “no time in the morning” I would wake up 10 min earlier, so problem solved. I do understand that it’s not that easy for everyone to do that. Still no excuse not to have breakfast. No time in the morning? Then prepare it the evening before going to bed. Here are five of my favourite and super easy to make breakfast option. Bon appetit

1. Overnight Oats

Amount Ingredients
60g oats
2 scoops nuzest
250ml almond milk
20g chia seeds
50g blue berries (frozen)
pinch cinnamon
How to make it: Super simple just add all the ingredients in your tupperware and take it with you to work, gym, beach, or wherever you want.

2. Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms, Spinach and Paprika

Amount Ingredients
2 or 3 eggs
30 g= hand full  raw spinach
30g = 1/4 red paprika
50 g= 2-3 pieces  mushrooms
1 tbs  coconut oil
How to make it: You will need some basic cooking skill for this.
  • Heat pan with oil
  • Add mushrooms first
  • Then add paprika and spinach
  • Add eggs and stir your pan until ready

3.Buckwheat Porridge

Amount Ingredients
60 g buckwheat
half banana
200ml  almond milk *
pinch cinnamon
20 g chia seeds
How to make it: Make this the night before if you don’t have 15min to cook in the morning. Basic cooking skills required again.
  • Cook buckwheat in plenty of water (200ml)
  • Add almond milk, chia seeds
  • Let it cook even more until it’s all absorbed
  • Then add mashed banana and cinnamon
Tip: add nut butter and blue berries

 4. Frozen Banana Pudding

Amount Ingredients
1 frozen banana
half avocado
20g chia seeds
20g flax seeds
20g nut butter
200ml almond milk
1 scoop nuzest protein powder (optional)
pinch cinnamon
How to make it: Super simple, only thing you need is a blender and freezer. Add all the ingredients in your blender and “voila” Tip: This can be a healthy replacement for an ice cream craving in the evening

5. Sweet Potato Frittata

Amount Ingredients
2 or 3 eggs
100g sweet potato
30g kale
30g Cherry tomatoes
1tbs coconut oil
How to make it:
  • Slice potato thin so it cooks faster
  • Heat coconut oil in a small pan and add the precooked potato
  • Add kale and tomatoes
  • Add eggs and let it cook until ready approximately 5 min
Tip: Use spices like nutmeg, cayenne pepper, turmeric...to spice it up   By: Carmen Bosmans, Performance Coach