#513: “How to get involved” Episode 4 of “The rise of ultra” series

This is a 4 episode series with Marcus Smith and Tom Walker where the shows are 15 minutes each and they will play out over the next 4 Sundays. There is a global increase in ultra running and we are seeing an increased demand for it here in Dubai. With that comes a lot of questions which we will cover off in this series. Enjoy it.
Welcome to the last episode of the series, we presume if you are here you have enjoyed what we have put out so far and are pretty much ready to dive in, so in this show we tell you how to get involved.
How to get involved?
  • Sign up for a smaller race?
  • Go for one of the big ones?
  • Give yourself time to prepare
  • Races we like and why
The school of thought is split as to what length of race should be your first so in this show we work through the example of a runner who is a regular 10km person but not much more than that. So if that is you then you have no reason not to be signing up at the end of this show.
The choice of races is huge but as we set out with in episode 1 and where most ultras start the sense of travel and or adventure should be a strong pull for the race you register for. There are not many ultras that are in boring places, the key is often the company that is organizing the race so just have a check on their history and then click “register” and enjoy what will be the ride of your life.
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Marcus has over 15 Ultra Marathons to his name as well as having run 30 marathons in 30 days in 2018, Tom also has over a dozen ultras under his belt. They not only know how to run these races but right now in the InnerFight Endurance “Ultra Stable” they have over 25 ultra runners preparing for various ultra races around the world. Bottom line is they seem to know what they are up to.
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How to tune in: You can also watch it below. If you have a question for the coaches mail us right now and let’s get it answered for you. Thanks for tuning in we hope you enjoy the show! Smith St Paleo is our show sponsor, check out loads of delicious recipes here!