5 reasons you should workout in the morning

There is a constant argument between many on the optimal time to workout. 50% of the time I am sure it is just people looking for excuses. Personally I think the morning is a great time to get your workout in and here are 5 reasons why.
    1. Get it done: If you workout in the morning by the time you are half way through you are just waking up, there is an immediate positive. But honestly how much better is your day knowing that you have got up, got into a great workout and do not have it lurking in the back of your mind that you have to go to the gym or for a run after work or when the kids have gone to bed.
    2. The fat burning beast: If dropping fat is your goal then listen up. First thing in the morning you are a fat burning machine. Take advantage of it. Your body will hop into using fat stores for energy due to the fact that you are in a fasted state so early morning before you have eaten is the perfect time for you to get the work done.
    3. Your day will rock: This is simply science, after your workout your body releases what can simply be put down as "happy hormones" which as they may well suggest make you feel a million bucks. OK maybe not right away but guaranteed within an hour to 90 minutes of finishing your workout you are going to feel the business. Just note, this does not apply if your workout is lame, you have to smash yourself.
    4. Early to bed early to….: You know it. When you are getting up early you are in bed early. Oh so that kills your social life does it, well believe it or not that social life can hang on a second before it kills you. Come on, there are 7 days in the week to hang out, you don't need to get all nocturnal on us.
    5. A clear mind: This is a two edge sword and the good news is both edges are positive. First thing in the morning you do not have the stress and loads of your work day weighing you down, a new day is a new start as we know so your focus to get a great workout done will be way better first thing. The second edge is that you will not be sat round thinking all day of excuses not to get your workout done after work.
Getting it done as the sun comes up! #training #outdoor #beach #sun #sunrise #morning #living #smashlife #rock By Marcus Smith InnerFight founder