5 points on being awesome

  1. You were born with it: Yes thats right, every single human being on the planet was born to be awesome. We were not put on this planet to achieve mediocre things and have average lives. We were put here to be awesome, to do awesome things and live awesome lives. Start to believe.....
  2. You control it: When you wake up in the morning it's you that makes a decision to have an awesome day or not. You better be damn sure that every day when you lift your head from the pillow it's the awesome head that you lift. It's a choice that you make daily.
  3. People support awesome: When you are doing awesome things in life and living and awesome life the amount of support that you will get from those around you is off the charts. People love to support people that are doing awesome things and living awesome lives. Be one of those people.
  4. Awesome breeds more awesome: It's addictive. We are all pleasure seekers. The more awesome you are the more awesome you want to become and the more you will enjoy life. Feed off awesome it drives you beyond greatness
  5. You were born with it: Hope you didn't forget point 1 already. Awesome is what you were engineered for. Go out, live it, be it and dominate it. Awesome is for you.
Definition: inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; causing or inducing awe: [responsive]awesome[/responsive]