The 30-day Handstand Challenge

See the world from upside down!

What did you think the last time you saw someone do a handstand? “Wow, I could never do that!” What if we said we can help you achieve a handstand in 30 days? Imagine that feeling of success and achievement! It might seem like an almighty challenge to turn upside down, let alone hold your balance. But with the right tips and techniques, your handstand journey will be off to a flying start. The handstand is a movement that everyone can do. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been upside down before or if you can do a freestanding handstand on one hand. You don’t need any equipment and little warm up time! If you are beginner, we promise that you’re in the right place. Will you be standing on your hands tomorrow? Probably not, but with some mental dedication and repetition your muscles will begin to adapt to the posture. Like learning anything new, it just takes practice!

When: Starts March 1st

Details: Each participant gets a 5-10minute daily program for 30 days.  You’ll receive a daily email with another exercise to add onto the last exercise. Each mail will keep you motivated and remind you of the benefits of going upside down.

Price: This challenge is FREE for InnerFight members but we just ask participants to donate a small fee to the Intisaar foundation

  Why not challenge a friend or loved one to join you? We want you to feel supported, mentally and maybe even physically at first! Let us know how you get on during the challenge and share your journey with us on social media using #IF30dayhandstandchallenge

Go on, see the world from another point of view!

For more information please mail or call us on 04-321-2899 or alternatively ask our rockstars on reception