Rewind to January 1st, 2022. 

Do you recall jumping out of bed with fresh motivation to achieve some lofty goals? 

Did any of them involve your fitness and health? If so, you're not alone; so has a large percentage of the global population. 

Whether fitness-related or not, New Year's resolutions and goals have become a habitual way to search for motivation. But, it's certainly not a sure-fire way to success. 

Those who remain steadfast in reaching their resolutions are pretty bleak. 

Only 16% of those setting New Year's resolutions will keep them. Have you ever fallen into that statistic?

If so, what now? After all, it's only been a month. 

In my personal experience, the key to training consistently may certainly begin with motivation, but it can only continue when you have found joy within the process.

Have you found your ideal process? If not, here are the 3 top tips that have helped me personally, and hopefully, they might help you too.  

#1: Keep it simple.  
Pick classes and training sessions that you enjoy doing first and foremost. Yep, even if it means cherry-picking to start. Your starting point should be to find a routine with your training.

That being said. Plan your training times a week ahead and make them "non-negotiables" within your schedule. 

Forget about targeting specific numbers like pacing or worrying about the weight being lifted. Just show up and get stuck into the training session. Enjoy the process of training rather than targeting the outcomes.

You get the idea. Making these changes will help rekindle your motivation by helping you remember that working out can be enjoyable, and the process is just as important as the goal itself.

#2: Recharge physically & mentally.
There is a lot of readily available research that highlights that a loss in motivation can directly result from a fatigued central nervous system (CNS). Usually, the first thing you would do is take a week off training, but you may have done this if you have lost your motivation. So, what next?

  1. Make sure you are getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep and going to bed at the same time every evening.
  2. Make good choices when it comes to your nutrition, don't worry just yet about the number of calories you are consuming. Just aim for small but consistent changes.
  3. Train at a low intensity and no longer than 45 minutes a day. We don't fully utilize our diaphragm when breathing most of the time. Instead of breathing in a way that causes your chest to puff up, allow your stomach to expand as you inhale. How are you breathing right now? More than likely, your stomach is going relaxed and visibly expanding and contracting.

#3: Find inspiration, but not #inspo
Read, watch or listen to something great! It can even be something you've already delved into. The important thing is that it helps you remember your training 'why." 

Remember, ebbs and flows in motivation are normal! And the start of a new calendar year is never going to change that.

Turn your need for motivation into a need for something far less privy to the whims of your emotions. You'll soon find yourself reaching those resolutions far quicker than the earth's rotation around the sun. 

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