Naturally, as we close off the year, it's a time of reflection.

What have I accomplished, and what goals did I achieve? What goals did I not? Most of us look ahead over the next 365 days and try to map out what we would like to do….and, so the process repeats year on year.

Do we need to wait until Jan 1st to start something new? 

88% of millennials made a new years resolution in 2021, but how many stuck at it?  This percentage or resolution makers drop as we age.  Is the older generation wise that most resolutions are bollocks?  Perhaps they understand that sustainable change cannot be defined by a date in the calendar.

We are a huge victim to the "January surge" in the endurance and fitness space.

"I'll join the gym and get fit in the new year,"…..but it's November?!  What are you going to do for the next two months?

"I'll start my run training in Jan,"…..but building the foundations of endurance doesn't have a calendar either.

The earlier you start, the better you will be, SIMPLE.

So my message for you is relatively short and comes in two parts.  The first, WHY WAIT?

Why put off something into 2022 when you could start now.

Put aside money into that savings pot, buy that new book, try that new recipe, sign up for that race (and get one of our fantastic endurance coaches), sign up for the open (and join one of our amazing Mainline classes!)

By waiting, the only thing you will have is regret.

The Second – KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Access to information is instant, contradictory, and often confusing.  Instagram models with pictures of their broccoli and dust lunch selling weight loss tea, tough 25 part bicep workouts, and the rabbit hole of carbon running shoes!

Simply put, eat a little less, move a little more, and you probably don't need carbon running shoes!

Failing that – ask one of the fantastic coaches at InnerFight, and we can guide you in the right direction….just don't wait until Jan 1st!

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