#009: Running in circles for 24hrs

Endurance coaches Tom Walker and Rob Jones welcome you to The Run Strong Podcast. A show to discuss topics to educate and inspire runners. From couch-to-5k'rs, triathletes, up to multi-stage ultra runners this podcast will interest you. Each topic show is followed by a Q&A show, making the podcast interactive and relevant to you, the listener.
A lot happens in 24hrs. An avg of 365,000 babies will be born, 18 million people will have a birthday, 142,000 new cars will be released, 190 million chicken eggs will be laid, 8.6 million lightning strikes can occur, A Mayfly will go through 1 complete life cycle. The human body will take on avg 23,000 breaths, 104,000 heart beats and expire and regenerate around 50 Trillion cells. And Marcus Smith can run 207km around a track, beat his heart 169,920 times, burn 16,000 Kcals and inspire an infinite amount of humans to #SmashLife.On todays show we have the man himself, Marcus Smith who is the founder and owner of InnerFight. He recently ran for 24hrs around a 400m running track to push his own limits on endurance and to inspire many others to do the same. 

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