What about a 250km run in 7 days!

What about a 250km run in 7 days!
It’s always interesting when I get a call or a mail from someone who has signed up to test their body in the most grueling conditions and wants to come over for a “chat”. My immediate reaction is always the same; “Yes, come” as my excitement rises with the prospect of meeting another like minded human being who just wants to continue to test what the human body can do and get the most out of their life.*(see note at bottom of post)
On May 8th I got a mail from Doris Matlok asking me if there were any places left on the Become Superhuman Seminar with Ben Greenfield. There was, and Doris attended. A quiet and pleasant lady who seemed to soak up the great information that was delivered over the 2 days.
It was a month later when a mail dropped into my inbox from “Doris Matlok”, the name sounded familiar! The content of the mail was short but I understood it clearly:
“I’m doing a 250km run across the Sahara in 5 months’ time…..I need to get stronger and leaner……… I will be self supported so I have to carry my food and sleeping bag, emergency kit etc etc.”
When I get mails like this my emotions are mixed, unreal excitement, but of course my attention to detail of the vast array of factors that need to be considered for such a race echo around my mind. If you do not address every component of performance then you are leaving too much to chance.
We are now 3 months away from the start of this epic race and preparation is in full flow of. Strength is a key factor that we address. Humans were made to run, we are surprisingly good at it, but my challenge is how we make athletes perform at optimal efficiency for sustained periods of time. Nutrition and supplementation are essential not only for the race itself but even more so for the training leading up to the race. Lifestyle and stress levels play an underrated part in preparation for any physical event nevermind one of this stature. And of course rest and recovery which from my work with endurance athletes especially is so often over looked but is a component that is as important as the physical training itself.
Doris is no novice in endurance sports with not 1 but 2 Ironman triathlons to her name. This makes my job slightly easier as she knows how the mind works, how she can use it to her advantage and what a huge roll it will play during her 7 day run, but that is just one part of performance! The journey that we are on to cover all other areas of performance and get Doris to the start line and through the race in the best possible all round shape is what matters the most!
You can keep up to date with Doris’s preparations for this great run by following her on twitter, following her blog or joining her Facebook group. Doris will also be raising funds for the Black Dog Institute, for donations please CLICK HERE
*I am currently working with a number of athletes around the globe with varied physical goals ranging from Doris to a Team GB Triathlete as well as a novice cyclist embarking on a 750km traverse of the Pyrenees in 4 days, various triathletes, a guy that came to me at 150kg weight standing at 180cms tall, CrossFit athletes and golf professionals. Each person has difference needs when it comes to performance, the key is to cover all aspects of performance so that these people achieve their current goals and live their life to the fullest.



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